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Not everyone gets the chance to see a live alligator up close or a large python.

Our programs are a unique experience,

and include more than just impressive reptiles -

quality education is a big part of our program.

The main principles of our programs are tied into the Kentucky Core Content.

Reptiles are used as models and examples of biological concepts,

so students learn more than just what a particular animal eats or where it lives.

The Kentucky Reptile Zoo can supplement your current biological science

or ecology program with an introduction to the reptilian world. 

Presentations are available for children in grades K-12 and groups of all sizes.

Elementary Level:
Classification and Characteristics (Why are alligators more closely related to birds than reptiles?)
Structures and their Functions (Ever wonder why a blue tongue skink has a blue tongue?)
Environments (How are reptiles adapted to their environments, wouldn’t being

legless be a disadvantage?)

Middle School Level:
Diversity of Organisms (How many different crocodilians are there?)
Environmental Issues (Why is the desert tortoises a threatened species?)
Regulation of Internal Environment (How do ectotherms manage their lifestyle?)

High School Level:
Uses of Science and Technology (What is are the medical uses of snake venom?)
Human effects on Ecosystems (How were alligators saved from extinction?)
Changes in Science (How can copperhead venom be used for breast cancer

treatment in the future?)

Lifestyles of the Sleek and Scaly
This program features a variety of reptiles, centering on the diversity of the reptilian world

and the unique characteristics of each individual creature. Learn how reptiles have adapted

to their environment and the important role they play in the natural world. 

Reptiles presented in this program range from

young alligators to large pythons; a total of six live reptiles are presented

(requests can be taken for particular animals).

It is sure to amaze and captivate all ages.

Reptiles of Kentucky
Ever wonder what was that snake you just saw? Was it venomous or not?

Is there a way to tell?

This program helps familiarize students with the scaly and interesting locals.

In addition, this presentation includes a discussion of environmental factors

affecting the future of our local reptiles.

Just Snakes!
This program allows you the chance to meet some of the world’s most incredible creatures: snakes!

Students will get the chance to see massive pythons and infamous rattlesnakes.

Are rattlesnakes really as old as their rattles show?

How can a harmless kingsnake keep venomous snakes away?

Learn the answers to these questions and the answers to any other questions that you might have.

Venomous Snakes and Snakebite
This presentation includes a slideshow and lecture on snakebite avoidance, treatment,

identification, and other specialized topics.

Not only will you get the chance to see the local venomous species,

but also venomous snakes from around the world.

You will also get the chance to learn just what did happen to some of Jim Harrison’s fingers.

Due to the specialized content, this program is recommended for older children and adults.

A modified version of this program is available for medical personnel. 

If you represent a medical group and are interested in a specialized snakebite talk, please contact us. 

We frequently will provide such lectures at a very reduced rate for medical personnel.

Custom Programs
All programs can be tailored to fit the size, age, and interest of your group.

Is there a certain school project concentration or focus that you would like us to include?

One custom program, Mythology of Reptiles, works great for Harry Potter camps! 

Simply let us know how we can integrate our visit into your curriculum.

Adult Programs
These educational programs are aimed to meet the specific needs of your organization. 

A snake identification talk for an outdoor club, a snakebite treatment seminar for medical personnel-

these are just a few of the specialized programs we can offer your group. 

In addition, all of the programs listed above are also available to adult organizations.

All our programs are guaranteed to be informational, scientific, and of course FUN!

Schedule your program today!

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