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In our gift shop, we have many handmade items, some which include fangs, sheds, rattles, and paintings done by our animals!

The fangs, sheds and rattles are all things that the snakes have shed naturally. Just as we may break a nail, cut our hair, or heal from scrapes and bumps, reptiles do similar things in their daily lives. Shedding their skin is the process that allows reptiles to grow, heal wounds, and dispose of external parasites. Rattlesnake rattles are a useful auditory defense, but they are made of hollow keratin segments that can break off during movement. Fangs and other teeth in snakes are an important tool to grab food and help move it past their mouths to the esophagus. When doing that much work, a fang or tooth can break off in their food, but a new one always takes its place. No animals are harmed for us to make these items; we collect these pieces as we find them during cleaning and extractions!


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